Friday, 2 October 2015

Review | Zaron Matte Lipstick Collection

Can I just start this blog post by giving a major shout out to Zaron? These guys are clearly not resting on their oars. They keep up with global beauty trends by constantly innovating, keep it up guys! Read my recent review of their BOMB Uno eyeshadows here.

I was pleasantly surprised when they sent me 8 lip products from their new matte lipstick collection. You guys know I'm the lipstick monster right? My absolute favourite item to collect! I'm fast running out of storage space for my lipsticks but I digress…Anyway, there are two product categories in Zaron's matte range- Lipsticks and Lip Stains. 

Zaron Matte Lipsticks

I received 4 shades of the Matte Lipsticks:

01 Fierce: a medium dark red
03 Temptress: a medium brown/mauve
11 Marigold: a bright coral
12 Ebony: a dark chocolate brown

I am really impressed with the quality of these lipsticks. I know you guys might think that I am biased but seriously when a brand (especially Nigerian) makes great products I will sing their praises to high heavens.

In terms of length of wear these lipsticks can stand beside any of my Mac lipsticks and hold their own. They even beat it! I have worn them everyday in the last week and boy do these last. I'm talking sun-up to sun-down and never having to retouch at all.

They can improve on the formulae though, these lipsticks tend to drag on the lips when being applied. This is a common issue with matte lipsticks though so be sure to properly moisturise your lips before applying. The drying effect can also affect colour payoff as you will see notice in a few swatches below.

Pictures and Swatches
01 Fierce
03 Temptress

11 Marigold
12 Ebony

Top L: Marigold; Top Right: Temptress; Bottom Left: Fierce; Bottom Right: Ebony

How I rank them... 

My favourite shade of the 4 has to be Ebony. I'm really into dark lipsticks at the moment and the fact that it's brown just makes it even hotter! It's like LimeCrime Salem on steroids! 

Marigold comes a close second because it reminds me a lot of Mac Vegas Volt but better. I don't know what it is but Vegas Volt always comes off patchy and weird on me. I'm never able to get good opacity with it but Marigold gives me that so I'm happy! :) 

Fierce comes third, it's a nice red but not very different from a lot of reds that I own. It could pass for a lip and pocket friendlier alternative to Ruby Woo though. 

Temptress comes last because I wasn't really sure where this colour stands. It's brown but a really light brown? I don't know I just couldn't place it and it was the most difficult to apply. 

Zaron Matte Stains

The matte stains are Zaron's answer to the liquid lipstick frenzy going on right now. I was sent 4 shades:

03 Violetta: a medium purple
04 Royale: a deep plum
05 Pout: a bright pink
07 Tyrant: a bright orange

I thought the lipsticks were great but these lip stains are even better. I was able to apply them really easily because of the great formula and the shape of the brush. The colour payoff is also much more intense than the lipsticks. These lip stains will get your lips popping for real!

They faired really well during application, smooth and even. It was very easy to achieve opacity which can be an issue with some liquid lipsticks. I really can't find any fault with these except that they did not dry to my desired level of matte. Not sure if that makes sense but they turned out just a little shiner that I would expect which is not necessarily a bad thing but I like my matte, MATTE…

Zaron's Matte Stains hold their own in the liquid lipstick world. I have been enjoying wearing them and will be purchasing more shades.

Pictures and Swatches

05 Pout

03 Violetta

07 Tyrant

04 Royale
Top L: Royale; Top R: Violetta; Bottom L: Pout; Bottom R: Tyrant 


How I rank them...

Absolute fave is Royale, love it! I think it could be a dupe for Mac Rebel (mine got broken by the way so I'm happy I have this).

Next up will have to be Tyrant- its beautiful, bright and in your face. Reminds me of Mac Morange but definitely much more wearable.

Pout is a lovely pink shade that looks similar to Mac Impassioned.

My least favourite is Violetta, it's just a purple lipstick, nothing much to it.

Where to Buy and Costs

These lipsticks and lip stains can be bought from Zaron stores and distributors nationwide including their head office at 9 Alhaji Kanike Close off Awolowo Road Ikoyi. The lipsticks retail for N2500 and the stains retail for N2750- serious value for money if you ask me! 

Have you guys tried anything from the new matte range? Any favourites? 

Peace and Love, 


Monday, 28 September 2015

Restaurant Review | Crossroads at Eko Hotel

I went to an awesome restaurant this past weekend and I just had to share it with you guys. Y'all need to experience what I experienced men! 

It was double date night with a couple friend of ours and we decided NOT to go to RSVP because that seems to be the recurrent restaurant choice for us these days. I remembered that the guys from EatDrinkLagos had recently given a glowing review of Crossroads so we decided to give it a try.

First impressions of the ambiance was that it was lovely. But I think this is the norm for restaurants in Eko Hotel, they are all very tastefully furnished. Crossroads is a Mexican restaurant so you know I had to order a Margarita- it was really good :) 

To start, I ordered the meatballs which surprisingly came in a soup and it was really delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone at the table had serious meal envy, lol. Sadly I only took a picture on SnapChat (yewandesoba) and forgot to save the picture so you're going to have to imagine what it looked like but yeah, it was really good.

For mains I had the prawn burrito and OMG,, not sure how else tod escribe it except that it was stupendously delicious. This was my frist time having a burrito so I was a little skeptical but my first taste cast all doubts away. It was lightly toasted and stuffed with reffied beans, rice, cheese and prawns! SO GOOD!

 I managed to take a picture of my husband's plate before he wolved it down. He got the Fish Tacos which were equally as delicious! Yes, I had a bite because greedy -_-

The dessert menu was really boring though, there was nothing that piqued our interest so I just ordered another Margarita for dessert, don't judge me!

In Summary

Food: Awesome food! Really delicious and fresh tasting. Their cocktails are also bomb, everyone on the table loved theirs. 

Ambiance: They have two sections- one bar/lounge area and then the restaurant area. It's all very nicely furnished but the restaurant area is kind of open plan. It doesn't afford a lot of privacy if that is what you were looking for. 

Lounge Area

Restaurant space..Was someone's birthday that evening so it was a little rowdy, lol

Price: This place is relatively affordable in my opinion. All 4 of us ate heartily and had drinks for N36,000. That's awesome because two of my friends and I had lunch at Izanagi once and racked up a bill of N50,000...smh

Crossroads is definitely on my list of favorite restaurants right now. We had a great time, I mean look at those smiles :) 

#Selfie :) 

Have a great (short) week guys! If you are wondering where to go for lunch/dinner on the 1st of October, Crossroads is it! 

Peace and Love, 


Address: Crossroads Restaurant, Eko Hotels and Suites, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, VI. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Recipe | Coconut Curry Couscous

Couscous is our new thing at home. Ever since I discovered it, we haven't touched rice with a 10-foot pole. Two reasons why you should hop on the Couscous train:

  1. 1 cup of couscous contains 176 calories, that is fewer than the calories in rice or quinoa
  2. It is super easy to cook, ready in 5 mins!
It's also one of those dishes that you can let your imagination run wild with, mix and match any and everything with it and it still tastes amazing! I made this coconut curry version for lunch this past weekend when we had family visiting and it was a hit! 

What you need
Will feed about 8 hungry adults 

4 cups of Couscous
1 can of coconut milk
2 cups of mixed vegetables
Half an onion
Mixed peppers
1 cup chicken stock
1 tsp turmeric


  • Add 4 tablespoons of oil to couscous, mix thoroughly and set aside 
  • In a wok, heat up one cooking spoon of oil (I use either olive or coconut oil) and fry onions until translucent
  • Add mixed peppers and fry till wilted
  • Add coconut milk, chicken stock and all other spices. Taste and adjust if necessary
  • Once the broth starts boiling, take off the heat, add couscous and cover the pot tightly with the lid. Note: The liquid should just cover the couscous. Any more and it will be mushy any less and it will be under cooked
  • After 5 mins, remove lid and fluff couscous with a fork
  • Add mixed vegetables (already pre-steamed) and mix to combine properly
  • Serve! We had this with gizdodo and it was super yum! :)
Not every time lipstick....Sometimes food...

Peace & Love, 


Friday, 18 September 2015

Review | Urban Decay Ammo Palette

Urban Decay is one of the biggest forces to reckon with in the world of eyeshadows. They make bad-ass palettes that always take the beauty world by storm from Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3, Naked Basics, Vice etc etc. Urban Decay makes an eyeshadow palette and the world just wants it. Not surprising though because the quality of their products are topnotch but their PR game is also on FLEEEEKKK!

I was gifted the Ammo Palette by the lovely people at AccessoriesNG- thanks guys! :)

This palette contains 10 of their best selling shades, a travel size eyeshadow brush and travel size of the world famous Urban Decay Primer Potion (review here). The shades in the Ammo palette all have glitter/shimmer so they are more night time or party appropriate. However there are a few neutral shades that can work well for daytime.

Shades and Description

Smog: coppery bronze with shimmer. This is one of my favorite shades from the original Naked palette and works great for an everyday eye.
Mildew: light green with gold shimmer
Oil Slick: matte black with silver glitter. This will be perfect for a smokey eye with a pop!
Last Call: metallic plum shade that can work for a daytime look
Chopper: shimmery copper with silver glitter. Another favorite of mine from the Naked 2 palette
Maui Wowie: metallic golden beige with silver glitter, could work for a neutral makeup look
Shattered: turquoise with gold shimmer.
Polyester Bride: white shimmer with silver glitter, perfect as a brow-bone highlighter
Grifter: light purple shimmer with silver glitter
Sin: champagne shimmer from the original Naked palette. This would be great for a neutral look for daytime.

General Thoughts on Ammo Palette

This is a great palette but tbh I didn't expect any less from Urban Decay. The shades are long lasting, super-pigmented and vibrant. However, what I have found with urban Decay is that their eyeshadows do tend to have some fall out. Not sure why they haven't found a solution to this yet because brands like Sleek have fixed that issue no problem. The fallout isn't that bad though, just a few particles, I guess because this has a lot of glitter. 

Beautiful shades <3

You should own this eyeshadow palette if you don't own any of the Nakeds. If you do you probably don't need this as a number of the shades are repeated. They are really beautiful shades though and I see it being that one palette I will be reaching out for a lot.

Unfortunately, AccessoriesNG no longer have this palette in stock but you can see their range of eye products here.

Enjoy the weekend!

Y. .

Friday, 4 September 2015

Liquid Lipstick Face Off | Coloured Raine vs LA Girls

Liquid lipsticks are my thang now…like I hardly reach for my regular lipsticks anymore, that's how much I'm feeling this new trend. See liquid lipstick reviews I've done here and here. Today I decided to take two liquid lipsticks, one high end and one drugstore and put them up against each other and compare. I like to do these comparison posts because it is very easy to get carried away by all the pomp, pageantry and hype of the high end brands when other more affordable, less hyped brands could offer you just as much or even better.

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint in Vanity Raine

Coloured Raine is one of the new age independent makeup lines that is more popularly known for its range of lip products. I admire this company's PR strategy, they cleverly leveraged the influence and reach of Instagram beauty gurus like Amrezy and MakeupShayla to push their brand and PUSH they did, lol!

Shade and Formula: Coloured Raine describes Vanity Raine as "an orange-based red". I don't get any orange undertones with this one, it comes off as a true bombshell red! It has a great, easy to apply formula but it doesn't beat Lime Crime's for me. Like all liquid lipsticks, it dries down to a matte finish which is pretty dope. A nice, comfortable, super pigmented matte at that, not a painful, lip dragging matte.

Length of Wear: One word- badass! Wore this for a wedding from 1pm till about 11pm and at the end of the day it had only faded slightly, I did not need to touch up through out. All I needed was a bit of lip balm a few hours in because my lips had dried out.

Price: Retails in the US for $16.50 but you can only buy 2 at once -_-. In Nigeria, get it here for N6000.

LA Girls Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in Secret

LA Girls is one of those affordable drugstore brands that aims to still give you good quality products. I see them as America's answer to Sleek..haha! They are more popularly known for their concealers which are BOMB (review here) but they recently got into the liquid lipstick market as well.

Shade and Formula: Secret is a deep burgundy red that reminds me a lot of Mac Diva, reviewed here.  The formula of this one didn't quite work for me though. It was clumpy and tacky, really difficult to apply. It was almost impossible to get an even/smooth application and the colour pay off is not really great. Reminded me of Kat Von D and Anastasia Beverly Hills, higher end brands I reviewed a while back and did not like!

Length of Wear: As anticipated, this didn't last long on me. It moved around a lot and faded off in about 2 hours, no bueno :( Stick to making those bomb concealers guys :) 

Price: Retails for $5 in the U.S and N1600 in Nigeria. Buy here if you would still like to try it. 

 Side by Side Swatch

L: LA Girls Secret (can you see the clumps?) ; R: Coloured Raine Vanity Raine


In this case, you definitely get what you pay for-  Coloured Raine Vanity Raine knocked LA Girls Secret out of the park, no contest! However, what I have found with liquid lipsticks is that the formula sometimes varies with shades. There could be some other Coloured Raine or LA Girls liquid lipsticks that are quite different from these shades. Therefore this review strictly pertains to these two shades. 

What brand do you think has the best liquid lipsticks? 

Enjoy the weekend guys! 


Friday, 21 August 2015

Review | Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Apologies for the silence in the last few weeks, I was away on vacation which was honestly the best one I have had in a while. From NY to London to Paris to Dubai, it was bliss! Let me know if you guys want me to do a post on our vacation, where we stayed etc if that would be of any interest :)

As the big 30 is fast approaching (face palm) I realized that I have to tailor my skincare to my skin's current needs. What worked for me in my early 20s is no longer suitable. On this vacation, would you believe that I spent more money on skincare than MAKEUP????? The girl is truly becoming a woman :-)

I will do an updated skincare routine post after I have used the new products I got for at least a month but I wanted to share this cleanser today- Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. Let's put it this way, the name could not have been more literal. It literally takes off all the makeup and grime on your face at the end of the day leaving you with squeaky clean skin.

How is Clinique TTDO different from other cleansers?

Formula:  It has a solid, wax like consistency which to be honest at first glance is not the most pleasant to look at. If you are used to liquid cleansers this may appear strange but please, don't judge it by its texture. Once you massage it into your face with your fingers, it transforms into a lightweight, silky oil. This oil helps to lift off the makeup even stubborn areas like around the eyes. After that, you can either rinse your face with warm water using your hands or a wash cloth. I prefer to use my hands. 

Cleansing Prowess: This cleanser really penetrates the skin to get all the makeup and dirt out. It does a great job even on days when I'm wearing a lot of makeup and sunscreen. A good way to test how good your cleanser is is to check the cotton pad when you use a toner. When I use my toner after using TDDO, there is hardly any trace of makeup left behind.  

Post Cleanse Feeling: Most cleansers leave your face feeling tight and dry because of the chemicals contained in them. TDDO does the exact opposite because it contains emollients and plant oil. It leaves your face feeling very soft, supple and hydrated but not greasy. 

Forgive my grubby finger marks :) I couldn't wait till I had photographed before using it

Price and Where to Buy

I bought it in London from the Fenwick store for 22 pounds. It's sold at the Clinique stand in all the other major department stores like Debenhams, House of Fraser etc. *TIP* Did you know that you can buy some skincare products from duty free at discounted rates? Clinique and Clarins I'm sure of but there are other brands as well. Not every time perfume, sometimes skincare,.. don't dull :) 

You can also get it in Lagos,..Montaigne Place in the Palms Lekki stock Clinique and they sell TDDO for around N6000. Not bad given the conversion rate, I am actually going there this weekend to purchase a back up. 

Have you guys tried TDDO or any other Clinque products? Thoughts? 

Enjoy the weekend! 


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Win a Free Photography Session with Akintayotimi

Ace Last day of the giveaways! I've had fun doing this! Thank you so much to all the brands that sponsored this, God bless you all! 

Akintayotimi is my favorite photographer and friend! He's seriously badass guys! See details of how to enter on Instagram! 

Peace and Love, 


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