Monday, 1 February 2016

Restaurant Review | Casper & Gambinis

Happy New Month! Pardon my cliche Nigerian ways but I really do wish you happiness this month! :)

Yesterday I finally had the chance to go check out the new "IT" restaurant in Lagos, Casper & Gambinis and decided to share my experience here, 1) because I haven't done a restaurant review in a while and 2) Valentine's day is around the corner so I'm hoping the information will be super useful to you guys right now.


Friday, 15 January 2016

Review | MAC Shaft of Gold In Extra Dimension SkinFinish

This Shaft of Gold highlighter is one of the gems of MAC's Magic of the Night 2015 holiday collection. When it comes to highlighters, I'm not very experimental. I have used MAC's Gold Deposit (review here) for years and it does a mighty fine job. When I set my eyes on the holiday collection though, I knew "Oh Darling" and "Shaft of Gold" had to be mine!


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Whirlwind Christmas and Happy 2016!

Happy 2016!

I know, I know, I'm a tad late but I can explain. I have had a whirlwind Christmas! I went to more events and parties than legally allowed and I had the most fun whilst hopping around from one spot to the other. Christmas of 2015 was actually the best Christmas I've had since the good old days of being an excited kid jumping on the queue to see Father Christmas :)

My husband and I also hosted two small get togethers over the holidays- one for close friends and another for family.

Here's a rundown of some (not all) of the things I got up to this holiday!


Monday, 21 December 2015

Twitter Speaks | Christmas Gift Ideas for Him and Her

It's the season of giving and we all know how hard it can be to buy a gift that your significant other will actually like. Nothing worse than having to fake a squeal of excitement and a "omg, thank youuuuuu" for a gift that doesn't quite cut it ..haha!

I'm here to help :) I spoke to a couple of people on Twitter asking them what they would like to get for Christmas and here's what they said.

For the Ladies

Looks like @SabirahO is looking to upgrade her photography skills because she wants a new camera, Sony A5000 to be precise.

For fashion lover @Ms_Hilz, the LV Capucine bag will make her very happy this season.

@IjebuPrincess wants the Miu Miu Butterfly Singlasses, she specified  color blue.

Another fashion freak on our hands people, @poshbug wants the Chanel Classic Mini with gold hardware.

@burrafly also wants a photography related gift- a tripod stand with a remote control.

I think @MissQueue is inspired by Linda Ikeji's Banana Island mansion because she wants a HOUSE for Christmas...Direct your questions to her guys..LOL.

@AkwaekeD might be a tech buff because she wants an IPad Air 32GB with a pretty cover though.

For @opeoluwaaa, she wants an experience for Christmas. A trip to Calabar to enjoy the annual Christmas festivities, the vibrant culture and history will make a perfect Christmas gift for her.

@PurpleTweetyB was very straightforward, she wants a new car.

For the Guys

Typical for guys to be gadget freaks and @MallamSawyer didn't disappoint. He wants the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

@Immortal_Teddy wants a DSLR Camera and promises whoever buy it for him his undying love and a free photo-shoot.

Jet setter @TonioRossii is craving a vacation. He wants a ticket anywhere! Ghana even..LOL.

@Bule_Jr kept it simple, he loves customized cuff links and would love to get them this Christmas.

There are gadget freaks and there are gadget freaks, @aldmoni wants the DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone.

No Lagos Big Boy is complete without his Agbada so @manmustwack is about that life this Christmas.

@lumydee is tired of his iPhone so a new one will be just perfect! 

I really hope you guys have gotten some inspiration from this post. Now go forth and buy great gifts! :-)

Peace & Love, 


P.S Shout Out to the two winners of The Ultimate Beauty Gift Box- @lase__ and @damilepetit on Instagram


Monday, 14 December 2015


I love Christmas and I love every single one of you that reads this little blog so it only makes sense that I do a Christmas giveaway. We are going BIG this year special thanks to all the lovely and super generous sponsors that contributed to what I'm calling THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY GIFT BOX.

Look, this box is so bomb that I've seriously been considering just keeping it all to myself. It has some of my absolute favorite beauty products (as I'm sure a lot of you will recognize) and more!


R and R Luxury Serenity Shea Oil
R and R Luxury Black Soap Bar
Vane Nail Polish 
Fig Health Store Organic Coconut Oil 
One month supply of Hairfinity  
Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Powder 
Dark & Lovely Scalp Wash/ SOS Hairline
House of Tara Trio Eyeshadow
House of Tara Quad Eyeshadow 
Zaron Trio Eyeshadow 
Zaron Luxurious Lipgloss 
Zaron Makeup Purse 
Givenchy Organza Perfume/ Viktor & Rolf Eau Mega Perfume
LA Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss 
LA Girls Pro Conceal Concealer 
LA Girls Glazed Lip Paint
Wet & Wild Megalast Lip Color 
Sacha Lipstick 6pc 
A pack of false lashes 
Too Faced Melted Lipstick/ Melt Cosmetics Lipstick 

** I personally included some items into the box**

Simple Protective Light Moisturiser
Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion
Clarins Mult-Active Day Correction Cream
Clarins instant Eye Makeup Remover 
Clarins Be Long Mascara

  1. Follow me @shelovesthefinerthings and all the sponsors- @randrluxury, @vanepolish, @fighealthstore, @hairfinityng, @maybellinenyng, @darkandlovelyng,@houseoftara_intl, @zaroncosmetics, @in.scent.iv, @mymakeupng and @accessoriesng on Instagram 
  2. Post the picture in this blogpost on Instagram with the hashtag #SLTFTUltimateBeautyGiftBox and tag me to the picture 
  3. Tag 3 friends or more to the giveaway post on Instagram 
  4. Leave a comment on this post with your Instagram handle 

Two lucky winners will be chosen using and announced on Friday, December 18th. Competition closes at midnight on December 17th. 


Peace & Love, 


P.S. The giveaway is open to entries worldwide but must be able to organize pick up in Lagos 


Thursday, 26 November 2015

These Strapless Bras Changed My Life

Forget how random this post might seem, but I'm about to share some life changing information with anyone who's a D-cup and above. Mother Nature decided of her own accord to bless us abundantly in the boobs department and we shouldn't be be made to suffer for that. 

Yours truly is a staggering G cup (yes you heard that right) so you can imagine the struggle I have had to go through finding regular bras that fit well not to talk of strapless bras! For the most part of my life, I simply avoided wearing strapless, halter, low back styles because there simply was no bra without straps that could hoist "them" up properly. 

Until last year when I discovered two AMAZING bras that changed my story forever. Since then I have bought almost every strapless and low back top/dress I can lay my hands on to make up for the years I had been denied! :) 

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra

Ladies, believe me when I tell you that this strapless bra is the realest MVP! It stays up and firm even with my G-cup. I have put it to the test in the most rigorous dancing conditions and I have never had to do that annoying "pull" once! It's awesome for bigger busts but even regular size busts sing this bra's praises to high heavens. Simply put, this is the best strapless bra out there, get yo life! 

See it in action below :) 

Top and Pants from Maju

Dress from ThingsNigeriansLove

Available from Debenhams UK here for only 28 pounds. Superb!

Wacoal Long Line Low Back Strapless Bra

Low back dresses is one  territory I stayed completely away from until my wedding. I had two beautiful low back dresses that I had to rock at all costs! I combed the internet for several months looking for a low back bra in my size with no luck until God led me to the Bridal Lingerie Store where I found this bra. It is kind of expensive at 70 pounds a pop but I had no other choices so I took a leap of faith and bought it. 

It was perfect! Don't believe me? Look at these pictures :) 

Yes ladies, low back dresses are not only for our small-boobed friends! :) 

Apparently, the company is discontinuing this bra, I don't know whatever for but the Bridal Lingeria Shop has a few more left before it's gone forever!  Buy it here while it's still available. 

Really sorry that neither of the bras can be gotten in Nigeria and only in the UK but trust me the stress/cost of the purchase process is definitely worth it!   

Peace and Love, 



Monday, 23 November 2015

Bella Naija Feature| 6 beauty uses of Turmeric No One Told You About

This article was originally published here on Bella Naija as one of the articles I contributed to their Beauty section. 

You may or may not have heard of the plant called Turmeric that grows wildly in South & South East Asia. It has been used for thousands of years in Asia as a cooking spice and even for medicinal purposes. If you are a fan of Indian food like I am, you will have eaten many a turmeric-laced curries.
We are not focusing on curry today though, I’m sharing some of the powerful beauty powers of Turmeric and how you can incorporate it into your beauty regime.
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