Friday, 19 June 2015

Review | Zaron Uno Eyeshadow Collection

Zaron is arguably one of the most popular indigenous makeup brands we have in Nigeria and they are particularly dear to my heart because I have watched them grow from their very early days. The days when we only had a few Nigerians brave enough to venture into their own makeup lines. "Buying Nigerian" only recently became cool, so kudos to Zaron for sticking it out. Check this post out for a review I did of their products in the early days of the blog. 

They very kindly sent me 10 eye shadows from their new Uno Eyeshadow Collection for review. Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it! 

The colors sent to me with my description of the shades below:

01 Iron Throne- a metallic copper 
02 Mocha- a matte coffee brown
03 Charcoal- a matte black
04 Cadillac- a shimmery beige
05 Gold Rush- a shimmery bright gold
06 Whirl Wind- a shimmery dark purple
07 Mystery- a shimmery dark blue
08 Babe- a shimmery pink
09 Desert- a shimmery grey
10 Jasper- a shimmery dark green

The Uno Eyeshadow Collection is brilliant. I feel very proud of Zaron because these eye shadows can stand very proudly next to any other international brands and hold its own! Color ,me impressed! I particularly love the color range, a lot of everyday neutrals which is right up my alley and a number of bright "occasion" shades. 

These eyeshadows are also very well pigmented- as you will see from my pictures below. I am wearing it without any primer and the colors are popping! The formula is also so easy to blend and guess what? These had ZERO FALL OUT! How amazing is that? Even the most expensive eyeshadow brands (I'm looking at you UD Naked palettes -_-) suffer from the dreaded fallout. Round of applause for Zaron on this one! :) 

Pictures and Swatches

01 Iron Throne

02 Mocha

03 Charcoal

04 Cadillac

05 Gold Rush

06 Whirlwind

07 Mystery

08 Babe

09 Desert

10 Jasper

My favorite two shades from the bunch are Iron Throne and Mocha- perfect lid and crease colors for an everyday eye. They remind me very much of my favorite eyeshadow combo from MAC- Ambering Lights and Embark. Ambering Lights is a little more on the gold side though.

See what I said about the eyeshadows popping without any primer!

Product Details
Mac Select SPF 15 Foundation in NC50 (yes, i'm back to this...story for another post)
Mac MSF Natural in Dark to set foundation
Mac Blush in Sweet as Cocoa
Mac Embark e/s for brows
Zaron Uno e/s in Iron Throne on the lid
Zaron Uno e/s in Mocha in the crease
Mac Victoriana lipstick

I recommend these eyeshadows because you should support Nigerian brands :) ok reallt though, these are pretty shades and great quality. You can purchase Zaron products online from Jumia and Konga.

Which of the 10 shades is your favorite? 

Enjoy the weekend! 

Peace and Love, 


Friday, 12 June 2015

Is the Beauty Blender worth the hype?

If you have been living under the same rock as my friend Adaku then you probably have not heard all the noise the beauty industry has been making about the Beauty Blender in the last year or so. However, if your place of residence is not under a rock :-) you will have seen all the hype and a) fallen for it and purchased OR b) fought back and kept asking if it was really worth the hype.

I was of the latter school of thought until I started getting streaks when applying my foundation with my beloved Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I don't know if this is because my brush set is quite old- about 2 years now *face palm* but yeah a streaky face is not cute so I decided to switch to the Real Techniques Complexion Miracle Sponge. Dirt cheap(got it in London for a fiver) but it works like a dream. Beautifully buffed in foundation in minutes. However, the beauty addict in ,me wanted more and I decided to purchase the Beauty Blender last week Sunday.

The company describes the theory behind the Beauty Blender as "The world’s first edgeless makeup sponge ensures flawless application of any complexion product, powder, cream blush and more...exclusive beautyblender® material ensures impeccable application, no streaking, less product waste and an airbrushed finish."

So to answer the question "Is the Beauty Blender worth the hype?" I would say Yes and No. Let me explain... *Kevin Hart's voice*

Yes it is worth the hype because it does revolutionize foundation application techniques. It applies product so much better than brushes with less waste and a more flawless finish. There are absolutely no streak lines with this one! I may never use a brush again...

I also say No it isn't worth the hype because my RT Miracle Complexion Sponge does exactly what it does. Granted the Beauty Blender material is much less absorbent and a little gentler to touch but in terms of that flawless finish they BOTH do the job. The Beauty Blender currently retails in the UK for 16 pounds- more than double the price of the RT sponge for 5.99 pounds.

In summary, YES the Beauty Blender is an amazing invention that floors all foundation brushes of ages past BUT you can get the same amazing results for a fraction of the price.

Buy the Beauty Blender in Nigeria, here for N4000,..a pretty good deal if you think about current Fx rates....

What do you guys think? Is the Beauty Blender worth the hype?

Enjoy the weekend! ,


Friday, 5 June 2015

Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette, Colorpop & Kat Von D

Apologies that it's been quiet on here...Sometimes life just catches up with you and it gets even harder to juggle things. I have been regular on Instagram though, so you can follow me on there @shelovesthefinerthings 

The lovely people at BeautyRevNG sent me an amazing goodie bag around my birthday time and I was so excited because there were some BIG brands in there. Thanks guys, you are always so kind to me! <3

Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette 

This is a limited edition eye shadow palette from ABH and it is all the rave right now. It shook the beauty world up when it was launched and it is still making waves weeks after. ABH produced this as the ultimate kit for MUAs because it has a range of colors from nuetrals to brights to dark tones- it's all in here. The colors are also super pigmented and apply like a dream- what's not to love?  

All the shades are beautiful but my 3 favorite of the 12 are:

Unicorn- A beautiful shimmery light blue shade that ABH describes as "Periwnkle". It is not similar to anything I have seen before
Baby I'm A Star- A shimmery brown tone that I see myself wearing a lot, great for an everyday eye
Anaconda- An incandescent green could give off different colors at different angles. Reminds me of Mac's Club eye shadow

Here's how ABH describes the other 9 shades:

Buttery: A matte, buildable beige
Dusty Rose: A soft, satiny mauve
Phresh: A vibrant, happy yellow
Blue Velvet: A deep, intense navy
Orange You Fancy: A fiery, burnt orange
Beigely: A glimmering, neutral greige
Coal: A sultry, inky black
Punch Fuschia: A vibrant orchid hue
Aubergine: A moody, eggplant purple


Overall, this is a great palette with many colors I can use for my makeup looks even though I am not the target audience- MUAs. If you are a makeup lover like me it will make you very happy:).I hope to share some makeup looks using this palette very soon.

Sadly though, it is currently not available on BeautyRevNG because it is a limited edition but if you are interested in it drop them an email and I'm sure they will try to sort you out.

Colorpop Cosmetics Eyeshadows in Slave2Pink and Dare

Colorpop is arguably the most popular makeup brand around at the moment. They entered the market with a BIG BANG bringing with them gorgeous makeup products at really affordable prices. You honestly cannot beat that. This philosophy of amazing makeup at amazing prices was first brought to life by Sleek but giiiirrllll, Colorpop is currently giving them a run for their money. I am a big Sleek fan as you guys know so I'm using this medium to tell them to "STEP IT UP"!

The two eye shadows I received are from the SUPER SHOCK range.

Slave2Pink: I'm not much of a bright eye shadow wearer but I must say that this pink is the most gorgeous I have ever seen.- electric pink with multi-color glitter running through it. The formula is like an eye shadow and a pigment rolled into one little jar of goodness and you already know what that means- super color pay off! This makes it also very creamy and easy to apply. The company advises that these eye shadows are best applied with the fingers but I used a brush and it still applied perfectly. I will apply with my fingers next time though and see if it works better

Dare: Another electric but really beautiful purple shade with violet and pink glitter running through it. Exactly the same properties as Slave2Pink since they are in the same range.

In summary, if you are looking for regular everyday eye shadows look away now. However if you are looking for eye shadows that can bring the WOW factor to your makeup, look no further! Shop Colorpop eye shadows between N2500 and N3000 a pot here!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Backstage Bambi

I view Kat Von D products as one of the Rolls Royces of the beauty industry. There is just something about the brand that exudes elegance and class. The owner of the brand was a renowned tattoo artist now turned beauty mogul so she brings her artistic side into the creation of her products. 

This liquid lipstick (liquid formula that dries out into a matte finish) is the first of their products I had ever gotten so I was pretty excited to try it out. I must say that the excitement didn't last very long. While this is a beautiful bright pink shade, I struggled a lot with the formula; simply put- application was a bitch! It was so difficult to get an even and opaque application, I constantly had gaps with every layer I put on. Now I researched online and I read that you apparently need to apply it in really thin layers to work well with it but I'm sorry, no makeup item should be that stressful to apply. It lasted really long though and did not flake and crust away as the hours went by so I guess that is its redeeming factor. I would like to try another shade though before I make my conclusions on this product. You can buy Kat Von D lipstick for N6000 here

Have you guys tried any of the products I reviewed today? How did you get on with them? 

Enjoy the weekend! 


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Review | Black Up Matifying Fluid Foundation

For over two years, I fuxxed with Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Caramel and my skin loved it, it was perfect...Until one day, my skin just revolted, it started looking orangey, patchy and streaky no matter how well I blended it. I finally accepted that my deep relationship with Revlon was over! :( I don;t know if they changed the formula or if my skin tone changed but yeah #notwerking

So I have been on the hunt for a new foundation and it has been a struggle to say the least...I decided to chronicle this on the blog so first up is Black Up's Matifying Fluid Foundation. 

So I went into the Black Up store in the Palms because I had heard so many rave reviews about it. I got matched to the shade 07 and I went along my happy way....

What Black Up says about this foundation: "Historical reference of the brand, it keeps all its benefits: a fluid texture that stretches easily, a medium coverage that adapts to skin with blemishes and a very natural finish! Moreover, this new formula ensures an immediate matte effect. Enriched with sebum-regulating and astringent active ingredients it rebalances combination to oily skins, smooths and provides more comfort to the skin"

I will keep it simple- I am not getting along well with this foundation at all! Here's why-

  • I think the MUA matched me to a wrong shade because it still gives me that orange man look..Hate it! 
  • It claims to be matifying but this product gives me more oil than I have on my face on a regular day
  • Black Up claims that the product is "Long lasting, the make-up remains bright and homogeneous all day long"..err no its not! On my face at least...By midday the foundation is all over the place
  • I find that the formula is a bit difficult to blend, it just doesn't sink into the skin easily 

More Pictures and Swatches

Swatched at the back of my hand

Blended in on the right
So yeah, this one is not for me I'm afraid. I know a lot of people, MUAs included who swear by this so maybe the wrong shade is the genesis of my problem with it but there are so many other things that don't work for me so I'm not going to bother trying another shade.

Where to Buy and Price

Where: Black Up Stand in Montaigne Place in the Palms Mall, Lekki
Price: I think it was N7500

Can you guys recommend any good foundations I can try out? My hunt for the perfect one continues....

Peace and Love, 


Thursday, 30 April 2015

Work Chic in Eve & Tribe

Eve & Tribe is a Nigerian fashion label that is fast becoming a common occurrence in my closet because the brand has managed to win my heart. They have super stylish pieces at great prices i.e nothing is over N10,000! If that isn't amazing in this era where Nigerian designers charge an arm, a leg and maybe your first born child then I don't know what is. 

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should be :) - @shelovesthefinerthings) you will have seen that I have posted a few casual pieces from them but today I'm rocking something more formal, their Charlotte Peplum Blouse and Makida Fitted Midi Skirt. 

Outfit Details

Top- Eve & Tribe Charlotte Peplum Blouse- N4600
Skirt- Eve & Tribe Makida Fitted Midi Skirt- N4.600
Shoes- ASOS

I have some great news! All of you, my lovely readers get a 10% discount off any purchases you make on! Just use code SLTFT15 at checkout! 

Happy Shopping!!!


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Review | Benefit The Porefessional

If you've got massive pores and you know it, lemme see you put your hands up!!! *swings both arms wildly in the air*…Big pores are the bane of any makeup lover's existence because any product you apply just settles into your pores, further emphasising their appearance! 

Help is on the way though…..Introducing The Porefessional...

I had heard about this product in passing many times but I never paid much attention to it because I just dismissed it as yet another beauty industry fad. However, as my pore size got more and more troubling to me, I decided to just give it a shot for the hell of it. My friend, Adaku of ThirdWorldProfashional was going to the UK and I asked her to hook me up which she did, kisses baby girl!

Benefit simply describes it as "PRO balm to help minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother than smooth skin" I couldn't agree more, it does exactly what it says on the tin! When I opened the tube to discover that the primer had a light brown colour it made me really comfortable. I don;t know about all you Milk-of-Magnesia-as-a-primer wearing ladies but something about having a white base scares the pants off me.

The directions say to pat (NOT RUB) the primer into problem areas with your finger and I did just that- my cheeks, chin and T-Zone. I then let it dry down for a bit before applying my foundation. First thing i noticed, my buffing brush glided over my face beautifully, like skates on an ice rink, I kid you not. The Porefessional had provided a layer of smoothness for my makeup to sit on, amazing right? Well it was for me because I have never been one to use primers so this was phenomenal stuff. The foundation blended really well into my skin and my pores? Well, look for yourself below…

My Right Cheek Before and After; large pores be gone! 

You guys thought I was playing when I said I had massive pores right? -_- Anyway let's focus on the after, how amazing is the Porefessional? Looks like I got pore reconstruction surgery! LOL….The results are beyond! The best part is that because the primer is translucent, so when those pesky pores start reappearing during the day, you can just lightly tap the primer over your makeup without disturbing anything  I'm never wearing makeup without this primer again.

What's Not So Great 

One thing I must mention though, the Porefessional works more as a pore minimiser than an actual primer, at least on me. I have combination skin so I only get oily around my T-Zone. It still got still as oily as it usually would, no big difference there so if you are looking for a primer that holds oil, this might not be the one. I hear Becca does a hardcore primer that arrests all oil glands so you might want to check that out :)

Where to Buy

Now when I typed up this review a few weeks ago, I did not know anywhere in Lagos that sold this primer, I didn't know how to break the bad news to you guys. Nothing worse than whetting your appetite for a product and you can't have access to it right? Imagine my excitement when BeautyRevNG posted that they now have this primer in stock! Get it here fast for N3800 before it runs out!

What primers for you guys swear by?

Peace and Love,


Friday, 3 April 2015

Review | 7 of My Favourite Nude Lipsticks

Happy Good Friday! I take the holy week as a time to reflect and appreciate the magnitude of God's gift to us through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. What a wonderful God he is! 

Back to scheduled programming, today I'm showcasing 7 of my favourite nude lipsticks, a post I have wanted to do for ages but never quite got round to doing it. Nudes are my go to colour for day, night, every time wear because they are really easy to wear and go. They also look really great with either a neutral or a smokey eye. If i could wear nude lips everyday I probably would but I find that black women are usually cautious wearing nudes- the fear of looking like a dead fish, yeah?….

It's 2015 ladies, emerge from your fear and take the plunge- my recommendations are a great place to start, if I do say so myself…hehe 

Mac Velvet Teddy 

My absolute favourite of the bunch as you can tell from how much of it is left *facepalm*. I wear this lipstick almost every other day because it is gorgeous! Velvet Teddy is a matte formulae lipstick with a beigy-pink colour. About two swipes will give you full coverage and it has great staying power. Will recommend for all skin tones in carrying degrees of opacity if you get what I mean….

Mac Hug Me

Hug Me is a pinky-nude that has some sheen to it. It is a lustre formulae so will require a couple of swipes to get good coverage. But if you are looking for a My Lips But Better (MLBB) shade then this is the one. A great place to start if you are new to nude lipsticks because this has a very soft tone.  Definitely one that will work with all skin tones. 

Mac Modesty

Oh Modesty!!! Many years ago, my friend Ez of Beauty in Lagos actually saw this lipstick on a blog and said "Yewande, I found something you will love" and love it I did. I doubt she can even remember this but yeah, thanks girl! Modesty is another pink nude lipstick similar to Hug Me but with more colour pay off because its formula is cream sheen.  Another one I believe can work with a wide range of skin tones because of its pink tones. It is a firm favourite of mine. :)

Mac Taupe

Taupe is the newest addition to my nude collection and I had to get it because I never saw a matte lipstick I didn't like. It is a beautiful brown nude shade with mauve undertones that is sure to look great on any one but will really flatter my darker skinned ladies. Definitely another safe place to explore for the nude lipstick newbie.

MAC Viva Glam V

This was the first nude lipstick I ever bought and it made me feel totally comfortable because it is such a safe shade. It is a shimmery pink shade with a lustre finish that looks very natural. You could get away with pretending that you woke up with baby pink lips :) This shade is particularly dear to my heart because proceeds from sales of the Viva Glam range from MAC go towards their AIDS fund charity, I don't know but it makes me feel happy that buying a lipstick can make a difference in some way. 

Mac Honeylove

Honeylove is a tricky one, not applied properly it could definitely make you look like a dead fish O_O. However if you wear it right, it is the bomb. You can wear it right by either pairing it with a brown liner (like I did in the picture with Mac Cork lipliner) or wearing a nude lipgloss over it to tone it down. It is a salmon node shade with slight traces of pink that will complement the lighter skinned ladies more in my opinion. If you are dark skinned and still want to go for it just use a brown liner and you are good! It is definitely a head turner and you are sure to have people asking what lipstick you have on.

Rimmel Kate 03

Just when you thought it was a MAC party, I shock you with Rimmel Kate 03! One of the lipsticks in the collaboration between super model Kate Moss and Rimmel. A matte pinky nude shade with a slight brown tone. Can be quite tricky to pull off as well so I usually wear it with a nude lipgloss over it but I'm wearing it alone in the picture. A true nude shade that you should approach with caution (liner/gloss) if you are darker skinned. 


I swatched them on my arm so you can see the true shade without my natural lip colour interfering with it. Gorgeous, Gorgeous nudes all of them! 

Have I been able to convince you that black women CAN wear a range of nude lipsticks and still look fabulous?? I sure hope that I have! Please recommend any other nude lipsticks that you love :-)

Peace and Love, 

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