Monday, 27 August 2012

Nail Polish Review: Orly Glided Coral

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a good weekend and are pumped for the new week!

This is just a quick post to show you what nail polish I'm wearing this week. I was having a mosey around the shops this Saturday as is my usual fashion and I fell in love with this nail polish. I had to have it. It's my first time ever trying any of the Orly polishes after reading so many great reviews. Glided Coral is a shade is from their Spring 2011 Precious Collection

Here's what it looks like:

I quite like the packaging and the rubber grip makes applying the polish much easier. The brush is also a nice size for even application. The formula of the polish is ok, it did get a little bit streaky on the first coat but it evened out when I put on a second coat.

I don't know why it's called Glided Coral because it doesn't have any coral hints to me. It's a rose gold colour which is light pink with gold shimmer in it. Depending on where the light hits, it can give off purplish hints.  I particularly like it because the gold shimmer in it is not over the top like most polishes with gold hues tend to be. It is quite a subtle colour and I think it will complement most skintones.

I bought it in the Adeniran Ogunsanya shopping mall from a store called DFT cosmetics on the first floor for N1500 which is a major bargain for a full sized bottle. In England the mini Orly polishes retail for about £5. 

Overall, I am very pleased with this polish and will recommend it if you are looking to try out something new. I will certainly be picking up some more shades. Do you guys have any recommendations from the Orly range I should try out? 

Peace and Love,




  1. that is a gorgeous color!! love it against your skin tone :))

  2. Your nails look so amazing! I love the pretty pink color!

  3. Hello there nail enthusiast..your nails look gorgeous :-)

    your fervent fervent stalker..

  4. I love this colour. How do you grow your nails so long?


  5. I know right? I'm in love with it too..Here's a post i put up on caring for your nails..It's pretty much all I do >


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