Thursday, 27 September 2012

Makeup: My Everyday Face


I thought to show you what I would usually go for with my daytime makeup. I find it easy to achieve for when I'm in a hurry and quite natural looking (although I always go a little nuts with eyeliner :-/). Depending on my mood, I may go for a brighter coloured lipstick. I've used some of the Zaron makeup I received for this look.


Foundation: MAC Select SPF15 in NC50
Concealer: Zaron Concealer+Foundation in One in PZ04
Brows: Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Blush: Zaron Paire Blush CZ01 Raspberry
Setting Powder: MAC Blot Powder in Dark


Lid, Inner Tear Duct and Brow Bone: Zaron Quattro e/s in Mauve Melody
Transition: Mary Kay e/s in Cinnabar
Eyeliner: L'Oreal Superliner Carbon Gloss
Mascara: Maybelline Falsies in Blackest Black
Waterline: Zaron Kajal in Arabian Night


Lipstick: MAC Hug Me

Are you a neutrals or brights kind of girl with your everyday face? 

Peace and Love,


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Monday, 24 September 2012

NOTW: Candy Yum Yum

Hi Guys,

How's the new week treating you? I know Mondays tend to be rough but stick it out and the weekend will soon be here again :-)

This week I was planning on wearing a simple pink nail polish but then I started messing around with it. When I was done, my nails looked really yummy, so the name of a gorgeous MAC lipstick I'm currently craving came to mind; Candy Yum Yum.

For the base colour I used Sally Hansen's Insta Dri in Presto Pink which is a barbie-like pink I like very much. I've recently gone crazy with the Insta Dri polishes, trying to buy them in every colour. I find them really easy to apply because the applicator brush is a nice size. They also dry in give or take five minutes which is very convenient. 
I then designed the polka dots in a V-like pattern on each nail. The V-shapes will give the illusion of longer nails if your nails are short. For a detailed tutorial on how I created the polka dots,  read a previous post here. To finish, I applied LA Girl's UV Topcoat .  

What do you guys think of this design? What nail polishes are you currently loving?

Peace and Love,


P.S: If you are a follower of my blog and in Lagos, don't forget to enter the Zaron cosmetics giveaway here. Five days till three lucky people get some free makeup! 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Zaron Cosmetics Review and Giveaway(CLOSED)

Hi Everyone,

I feel like it's been a while since I blogged but it's only been 4days! Lol. Hope everyone is doing well.

I'm constantly reviewing various international makeup and skincare brands on here so I was excited when I got the chance to review a brand that's close to home.

Zaron is a company that has been in operation since 2011 but I only recently heard about them. They say that their products are "manufactured to international standards and customised to different environmental conditions and for people of colour." so I was eager to try them out myself. I went into their office for a meeting last week and I was gifted some makeup items (very nice of them) which I will be reviewing in this post.

Just a few pictures of their makeup studio located in Ikoyi. I was very impressed with the layout and the general environment of the store.

On to the review. As usual, I'll be splitting it up into Face, Eyes and Lips:


Foundation and Concealer

The foundation and concealer in one comes in a nifty pen which I really like. I was matched to the shade PZ04 and to be honest I didn't expect much from it. This is because I am a die hard fan of MAC when it comes to foundations and concealers. However I was pleasantly surprised. This pen applied really smoothly and I was able to blend it easily into my skin. It's also full coverage as it really concealed my under eye circles and other blemishes. It lasted through out the day without creasing/fading. I didn't use it all over my face so I can't speak of it's abilities as a foundation but as a concealer it is bad ass! So much so that my momma has nicked it from me so I will be purchasing another one. It costs around N1300 (roughly £5) which I'm sure you will agree is a steal. I think it comes in a fair number of shades so there should be something for everyone. 


I got the Paire Blush CZ01 Raspberry which is a compact with two blush shades inside it; a deep pink and a brownish/cocoa shade. The blushes are very pigmented with the brownish shade having some shimmer to it. They also applied very nicely. However, I wasn't sure if it was my carelessness or the formulation but I found that the blush had broken when I first opened the compact. Whilst swatching them, I noticed that the blushes were breaking apart and crumbling slightly. So they can definitely improve on the consistency of their blushes. The duo-blush compacts retail for around N1000, very budget friendly.


I received two eyeshadow compacts. The baked eyeshadow trio in True Fantasy and the Quattro eyeshadow in Mauve Melody. The colours in both compacts are really rich and beautiful but my favourite of the two is the Mauve Melody. The neutral colours reminded me a lot of my Naked pallete from Urban Decay. They applied really well with minimal fallout which really impressed me. I had the eyeshadow on for almost 10 hours and there was no creasing at all. Although I applied my Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base, it still says a lot about the rich formulation of Zaron's eyeshadows. The Mauve Melody compact will definitely be featuring in a lot of my makeup looks henceforth. 
The only thing I don't like about the eyeshadows is that because the compact is so small, it's a bit of a pain picking up a particular colour without getting bits of surrounding colours on the brush. I also wish that they had given the colours in each compact individual names. Their eyeshadow compacts are around N1300. 


I have never used Kajal in my life before, simply because my eyes are really sensitive so I don't like to play around there too much,lol. Once in a while, I might wear a kohl pencil in my water line but it's not my favourite thing to do. However, the Zaron Kajal in Arabian Night has made me change my opinion on Kajal. It's shaped like a crayon with a soft formula which made it really easy to apply in my waterline without fear. It's colour pay off is very good and lasted about 4 hours before smudging. It retails for N1150. 

I was given a lip care balm in Peach Cobbler, an Ultrashine lipgloss in Read My Lips and a lip pencil in Bricklayers. 

Lip Balm: I love the fact that the lip balm is shaped like a lipstick, I think it's so cool and ingenious as I haven't seen one like it before. The lip balm is moisturising and gave my lips a slight pink tint which I really liked. It;s lovely to wear on a day when you would rather not wear lipstick but still want a bit of colour. It costs N850 and comes in a range of colours. 

Lip Gloss: The lip gloss is clear with gold shimmer in it. The formula isn't gloopy or tacky which I really liked but it is quite strong smelling. Lipglosses aren't really my thing so again my mum helped herself to this one and she likes it. It costs around N1300 and again comes in loads of colours. 

Lip Pencil: These are the gems in the collection! I think I may have found my favourite lipliners in the whole world. They are soft, apply very easily and have great pigmentation. This was another pleasant surprise for me when I tried it on. Bricklayers is a deep red lip pencil that will go beautifully with many popular red lipsticks like MAC's Ruby Woo and Russian Red. They retail for N750 and I am going to buy one in every colour :-)

More swatches: 

In summary, I was totally impressed with this makeup brand. Their products are of a very good quality yet affordable and I'm very proud that they are Nigerian made. Their products easily match up to other international makeup brands with room for some improvement. I particularly like their packaging, most of it is really cute and different. Zaron makeup gets the "She Loves The Finer Things" stamp of approval! You can buy their makeup in their studio located at 9 Alhaji Kanike Street, Ikoyi, on their website or on They also have other stores and distributors all over Nigeria; you can find details on their website. 


Zaron is giving three lucky readers the chance to win a goodie bag of makeup. Yayy! The giveaway will last for only one week (i.e till the 29th of September) so be sure to enter asap. 

How to Enter:
  • You must be a follower of my blog. You can follow either through Google Friend Connect (located in the sidebar) or on Bloglovin here
  • Follow Zaron on twitter (@zaronintl) and like their Facebook page here
  • Leave a comment on this blogpost with your Twitter ID or Facebook name. Only one entry per person
To give everyone a fair chance, winners will be chosen at random using The three winners will be announced and notified on Saturday the 29th of September via Twitter and Facebook. Wishing everyone good luck! 

Peace and Love, 


P.S I'm afraid this giveaway is only open to readers in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Monday, 17 September 2012

NOTW: Matte~n~Glitter


Hope everyone's getting into the swing of the new week.

I bought some new nail polish this weekend and I was excited to feature them on here. This week I'm using one of the polishes from LA Girl's Matte collection. Matte nail polishes have been around for a while but I never really fancied them until recently. You see I like my manicures all nice, shiny and glossy so I thought buying a matte nail polish would defeat the whole purpose. But I must say, they have their own appeal as I've come to realise. Since the polish is matte, I decided to contrast it by applying glitter polish to my tips.

Here are the polishes I used:

Model's Own 3in1(Base Coat), La Girl Matte in Matte Black, Kleancolour in Black Out 

I prepped my nails as per usual and then applied a base coat. Following that I applied two coats of the matte black nail polish. I then applied the glitter polish to the tips of my nails in a french manicure style. A useful tip for applying glitter polish is to dab it onto the nail instead of swiping it like you usually would. The glitter applies neater, in this way.

I applied no topcoat since I was going for the matte look with this one.

So what do you guys think? Will you be getting on the matte polish bandwagon?

Peace and Love,



Sunday, 16 September 2012

Review: St Ives Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser

Hi Guys,

How's your Sunday going? Hope everyone is managing to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Today I'm reviewing a skin care product I bought recently. I have a standard routine that I follow but sometimes I like to branch out and try new things so I bought the St Ives Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser.

I have a number of St Ives skincare products that are brilliant so I was excited to try this out but in one word it was awful! I was really surprised because St Ives is a trusted brand that has been around for years and years but I'm afraid they missed it with this one.

Their claim: "This cleanser effortlessly removes even the heaviest makeup while cleansing the skin".  I think this couldn't be any further from the truth.

The first thing I noticed when I put the product on my face was the smell. It has a really strong, chemical like fragrance which I found strange as it contains chamomile. I would have thought chamomile would give off a nice, natural scent.

I followed the instructions and wet my face then applied the cleanser to my full face of makeup. The formula was greasy and did not sink into my skin at all. It just felt like the product had formed a layer that was sitting over my makeup. It was also really difficult to wash off and it left my face feeling dirty. So much for facial cleanser right? Just to prove my suspicions, I cleaned my face with a facial wipe and the amount of makeup that was on it shocked me!

I am totally disappointed in this product, it was a waste of money. It's just sitting in my bathroom cabinet now staring at me cheekily, lol.

Have you guys tried this cleanser out? What was your experience?

Peace and Love,


Friday, 14 September 2012

Makeup: Five Shades of Purple

Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is well. It's Friday again and this is the third part to the "Five shades of" series I have been doing. If you missed the first and the second part, you can read them here and here.

This week I'll be reviewing five purple lipsticks and hopefully you find one that catches your eye. I've only recently started wearing purple lipsticks and it's become one of my favourite colours to wear. I used to think of purple as a very "mom" shade but I've discovered some nice ones that I've been loving. I usually reach for my purple lipsticks at night time or sometimes during the day depending on the intensity of the shade. Purple lips say brave and fierce, it pleases my inner tigress (''') (''').

Revlon Lilac 001, Sleek Amethyst, Mac Rebel, Mac Up The Amp, Wet and Wild E81517

Swatched on the back of my hand

Mac Rebel

This lipstick is a deep plum shade with slightly red undertones. It's one of those shades that will suit a range of skin tones which is why it is one of MAC's bestsellers. It has a satin finish so it applies very smoothly but you will need about three swipes to get full opacity. It lasts around 4/5hours before it requires a top up.  It's one of my favourite lipsticks to wear on a night out and it definitely makes a bold statement. I think it is perfect for this Autumn/Fall season when a lot of deep colours are popular. 

Sleek True Color Lipstick Amethyst

Sleek is one of my favourite drugstore/lower-end end brands of makeup. I did a full review here of the items I own from the brand if you're interested. 
Amethyst is a medium-dark purple shade with strong blue undertones and a shimmery finish. Not my favourite purple lipstick but it does look nice. It's quite sheer so you will need to pack the colour on to get decent payoff. If you are looking for a pocket friendly purple lipstick to wear for night time, then you should get Amethyst. At around N1200 in Nigeria and £4 in the UK, it is worth much more than it's cash value. 

Mac Up The Amp

Up the Amp was my first attempt at a purple lipstick and though it wasn't my favourite at first, it has really grown on me. It's a pinky-purple shade that I think will suit cool toned skin tones more. But if you are warm toned, you can wear it with a lipliner and a lipgloss over it. It is an amplified finish which is generally my favourite kind of lipstick from MAC because it is creamy and long lasting. It will work for day time looks paired with neutral eyes or just a slick of eyeliner and mascara like I've done. 

Wet and Wild Brilliant Lipstick E81517

If you read last week's post, you will remember that I mentioned randomly stumbling upon a Wet and Wild deal. This lipstick is one of the shades I picked up. It is a deep plum very similar to MAC's Rebel except that it has a sheen to it. Cheap and Cheerful, it's one of the best lipstick buys I have made. It applies smoothly, is very pigmented and lasts about 6/8 hours. I mentioned that I wasn't sure you could get these lipsticks in stores again but Amazon/Ebay might be able to help. Those two websites house many long and forgotten makeup and skincare collections. 

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Lilac 001

This product is the only makeup item that I own from Revlon and I must say that I am totally impressed. The first thing I loved about it was the packaging, It looks really pretty and expensive. 
It is a lavender-pink shade perfect for everyday wear. It will suit most skin tones because though it's a pastel shade,  it is quite sheer so your natural lip colour balances it out. It applies beautifully, is very moisturising and gives decent colour pay off in about two swipes. It lasts about 3 or 4 hours which is not bad at all considering that I bought it for N1000 here!   

Again, I found it hard to pick one shade as my favourite so I went with two lipsticks. For an everyday, wearable purple lipstick I recommend Revlon Colorburst Lilac 001 because it is cheap yet of very good quality. For a really glam look, Mac's Rebel is a winner!

Is purple a shade that you fancy? Which other purple lipsticks are your favourites? 

Peace and Love, 


...And it's a wrap for the "Five Shades of" lipstick series. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading the posts too :-)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Restaurant Review: Bonzai

Hi Guys,

I realised that I hadn't done a restaurant review in a bit, so here's a quick one.

I'm a big lover of Japanese food, sushi especially so when my friend Taiwo told me that I could get sushi in Lagos, I swear I did a little victory dance.  Bonzai is a Japanese restaurant located on Akin Adesola street in VI. I went there a few weeks ago and only thought to do a review on a whim so there aren't that many pictures but hopefully you still find this post useful.

Front view (Photo Cred: The Happy Lagosian)
The ambience of the restaurant is nice and quiet with a few striking decor pieces. Some of the waitresses were dressed as Geishas which I thought was really cute. There is also access to free Wifi which is an added advantage.

Love this seating design for catering to a large group

For starters, we ordered chicken spring rolls, which were nice and tasty. It was a good start and I really enjoyed them. It was served with some sauce that I gave a miss as I wasn't sure what exactly it was.

For the mains, it was difficult to choose because they have almost a hundred different types of sushi available. Finally settled for the "Bonzai Platter" which is a 16 piece mix. I also ordered a side of fried rice.

I didn't expect the Sushi to be as good as it was. It tasted fresh and delicious and it definitely meets international standards. I was also very pleased with the variety on this platter which included tuna, salmon, shrimp and something else that I don't remember,lol. It was all really delicious and the wasabi was authentic. You know when it goes straight to your head? Yeah, that's the good stuff!
The fried rice on the other hand was abysmal. It tasted really bland and for a Japanese restaurant I was really disappointed.  I really hope their other dishes taste better.

For dessert, I ordered their famous cheesecake. It looked different from any cheesecake I'd ever seen before but it was absolutely divine. It was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce and I was a very happy girl.
Apparently people ordered their cheesecake so much at one time, that they placed a restriction on it. You could only buy cheesecake if you had ordered food, haha. I don't think that silly rule is still in existence though.

Price wise, they are a bit on the expensive side. Im not too sure but the spring rolls were about N1200, Sushi Platter N4000, Fried Rice N2000 and the cheesecake was N1800.  I'll recommend this restaurant solely on their Sushi, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Have you guys been to Bonzai? What are your favs on their menu? Are there any other Japanese restaurants in Lagos that you recommend?

Peace and Love,


Monday, 10 September 2012

How To: Tips and Tricks for a DIY Manicure

Hi Guys,

I'm sure by now it's obvious that I'm the biggest fan of DIY when it comes to my nails. I hardly ever get a manicure when I go to the salon because I just see it as my "thing". Painting my nails is actually some sort of therapy for me. Does that make any sense? I'm sure it doesn't!

So I decided to write up a post on the tips and tricks that have worked for me over the course of time when it comes to polishing my claws nails. I'm in no way suggesting that I am a professional or that my DIY manicures are perfect but I'm learning everyday. I thought to share what I know with you because I have gotten a few questions before.

First of all, this is the nail art I'm sporting this week that I created using these three polishes:

Essie Mint Candy Apple(Base Colour), Model's Own 3in1(Base Coat and Top Coat), Model's own Smash Up Black(Nail Design)
I  used Mint Candy Apple as a base colour then created an "animal print-ish" design using Model's own Smash Up Black. Smash Up is Model's own range of crackle polishes which is really an easy and stress free nail art tool. You literally just apply it over your base colour in whatever pattern and it dries up in cool designs on your nails. For this, I just dotted the polish randomly on each nail and I liked the result :-).

Tips and Tricks 

On to the primary purpose of this post,  here are a few tricks I have picked up that work for me when it comes to nail polish application. 

Don't shake the polish bottle: It's almost second nature to most people when they pick up a bottle of nail polish to give it a good shake. This does nothing for the polish but causes air bubbles to form inside it. Gently rub the polish bottle between your hands to warn it up and loosen the formula for easier application. 

Switch off Fans or Air Conditioning Units: These secondary forms of ventilation are a DIY manicure's worst enemy. The air causes bubbles to form on the nail surface and will also make the polish in the bottle dry up quickly. I find this really uncomfortable as the climate here is hot, but it's usually worth it as my polish applies smoother. 

Prep your nails: I always say this at the beginning of all my nails posts but I'll say it again. It is essential to clean off any residual nail polish, file your nails into shape, buff the surface and apply a base coat to give you a smooth surface to work with. 

Take just enough product with the brush: There's no real way to know the exact amount of polish that's enough for one nail but I've learnt a technique. Dip the brush into the polish, wipe one side of it completely clean on the neck of the bottle and then use the other side of the brush to paint your nails. This helps prevent the mess that occurs from taking excess product from the bottle. 

Apply polish in three strokes: I usually apply my polish in three strokes, one down the middle and one on either side. This again helps to control the amount of polish you get on your nail preventing an uneven and streaky manicure. Since thumbnails are bigger, I cover them in four strokes but that's the maximum I do. 

Give ample drying time between coats: Depending on the kind of nail polish, you might require two, three or even four coats to give you the kind of opacity you desire. After every coat, give your nails some time to dry before applying extra coats. I let my nails dry for about 7-10mins between coats even when the polish is a "quick dry" one.

Topcoat is everything: A topcoat is the icing on any manicure. Even if you have taken your time to apply your polish very neatly, a crappy topcoat will ruin it. Buy a topcoat that's known to work well and it will add a beautiful finishing touch to your nails. 

Allow to air dry: Different people have different ways of drying freshly painted nails. I've heard everything from run your hands under water, stick them in the freezer, put them under a fan and more. I just believe in being patient and letting the polish dry naturally. It's quite annoying but I try to avoid doing anything major for at least an hour after I have painted my nails. 

Clean up: Worst part of painting your own nails, especially on your dominant hand but it has to be done. I've mentioned often that I clean up around my cuticles with a qtip dipped in nail polish remover. Recently, I was reading an article on Beautylish that suggested using a tiny paint brush instead. I don't have a paint brush so I use a small concealer brush that came in an ELF compact. If you have a spare small angled brush, this works even better. I found that it helps clean up even closer to the nail border without ruining the polish. 

These are my suggestions on achieving a DIY manicure that's easy on the eye. Do you guys have other tips and tricks you would like to share with me? 

Peace and Love, 


Friday, 7 September 2012

Makeup: Five Shades of Pink

Hey Guys,

TGIF, Cheers to the Weekend and all other Friday greetings to you. Hope you all had a great week.

This post is part 2 of my " Five Shades Of" lipstick series. If you missed the first one, check it out here. This week, I will be reviewing 5 shades of the colour pink. I actually have a lot of pink lipsticks but I tried to show you slightly different shades of pink as a lot of the ones I have are similar (don't ask why).

I favor a pink lip for my everyday look because it is generally easy to pull off with any makeup look. Pink lipsticks are fun, playful, girly and attractive. I also find their application process is a lot easier than other colours, I literally just swipe many of them across my lips and head out the door.

Rimmel Pink Blush 006, Mac Viva Glan V, Mac Girl About Town, Mac Chatterbox, Wet and Wild E81510

I swatched the lipsticks on my arm and captured in natural lighting;

Mac Chatterbox 

I think Chatterbox was one of the first pink lipsticks I bought from MAC and I have been repurchasing since then. It's a bubblegum pink lipstick and I wear it whenever I'm trying to make a statement with my makeup. It is an amplified finish thus the pigmentation is great, it lasts long , but is not drying at all. The formula is creamy and goes on the lips very nicely. One swipe on each lip will give you very good pigmentation and opacity. I will highly recommend this if you are looking for a pink "statement" lipstick. 

Viva Glam V

If you are looking for an easy, everyday wearable pink lipstick then this is the one for you. Its a sheer rosy pink shade that is the perfect MLBB(my lips but better) as it very subtle and natural looking. It has a bit of shimmer in it which I usually don't like but I don't mind this one. It will suit most skin tones because it is sheer and as such complements the colour of your natural lips. If you have never been a fan of pink lipsticks but want to try out one, this is a good start. 
I particularly love this lipstick because it's from the Viva Glam range and every dime that is made from them goes to the MAC Aids fund to support people living with HIV and AIDS. I like anything to makes me feel better about buying so much makeup :-).  It's a lustre finish though which means that you will need to really apply about three or four coats before you get enough pigmentation and it's staying time is about 2/3 hours, not very good. 

Rimmel Pink Blush 006

I'm a fan of Rimmel lipsticks because they are of good quality and cost only a fraction of what most high-end lipsticks cost. Looking for a budget friendly pretty pink lipstick? Then you've come to the right place. Pink Blush is a light pink shade with cool undertones so it works best for fair to medium skin tones. I struggle with it sometimes as it can tend to wash me out and make me look somewhat ghostly, lol. So I line and fill in my lips with a light pink lipliner (Collection 2000 Pink Heaven) before wearing this lipstick. If you are darker skinned, you can wear this lipstick with a warmer shade of pink lipstick underneath and it will make it look more neutral. It applies nicely and usually lasts about 3 hours before it needs a touch up. Not my favourite pink lipstick but I wear it on days when I feel like giving my MAC lipsticks a rest. 

Wet and Wild Brilliant Lipstick E81510

I randomly found this lipstick one day when I was having a mosey around the shops when I lived in England. I was in Body Care and they had like a thousand Wet and Wild lipsticks in a big basket and they were 3 for £2 or something as ridiculous. I expected the lipstick to be crap but that is not the case at all. It's a bright, almost neon pink lipstick with a slightly glossy finish. It can be a bit messy though so again I use a lipliner to prevent bleeding. What shocked me the most was it's staying power. It lasts about 7 hours, no jokes. If I wear it on a night out, I never need to touch up and my lips will still be tinted pink after I have taken it off. This lipstick is a gem and I love it. You can try searching for it on Amazon or eBay because it looks like it's from a really old collection so you might not find it in stores. 

MAC Girl About Town

Looking for a bold, party-girl pink lipstick? Then Girl About Town is for you. It is a fuchsia pink lipstick which can look purple depending on where the light hits. Also an amplified finish so it has great colour pay off with just one coat. It's formula is quite moisturising so easy to apply. 
I think it is a universal shade because I've seen women of varying skin tones wearing this lipstick and they all looked fabulous! In Nigeria, you can get it from Konga here

It will be difficult to pick one out of the five shades to recommend to you as it really depends on the occasion. I will recommend Viva Glam V as an everyday wearable pink shade and for a party/night time, Girl About Town is sure to make your lips pop!

Are you going to try out any of the 5 shades? What other pink lipsticks are your favourite?

Peace and Love,


P.S Next week Friday will be the final part to the series with Five Shades of Purple. Please look out for it :-)
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