Sunday, 23 December 2012

Pictures and a Video: Chris Brown in Lagos!

Hi Guys,

Hope you are all well. I'm having the best Christmas ever..Omg! Been running on little or no sleep these days.

Chris Brown had a concert in Lagos, Nigeria yesterday and it was off the chain. He is a sexyy beast! What? I had some shameless groupie moments, I ain't gon lie..haha. I went with my friend Aisha and we had a blast. We got there late in true diva-style so we missed the preceding acts but we were there for one thing, BREEZY!

I hope you enjoy the photos! My friend took most of them and she did a great job, Thanks Ai :-).

Blazer: Boohoo, Vest: Select, Leggings: Collection at Debenhams, Bag: DKNY Shoes: Oasis

Playsuit: New Look, Shoes: H&M, Bag: Jane Shilton

I managed to catch some video footage with my phone in all the madness!

Kisses :-)

Peace and Love,



  1. My girls turning lagos up!miss and love you guys *sob*

  2. All the hype about Chris brown sef. Me I can dance to now *busts a move* Nice Job Yewi :-). SIIINZZUUUU!!!!!

  3. i literally got goosebumps watching him.... :'(. I kent believe i missed him as you two did solo hahaha. BEEFING!!

    atay breezy

    *Gbogbo bigz girls*


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