Friday, 20 November 2015

Review | Bvlgari Goldea Perfume

.A few posts ago (here)  I mentioned my aversion for variety when it comes to perfumes. This is slowly changing though as I have started to discover one or two new scents that I really like. So imagine my delight when I was recently gifted the new Bvlgari Goldea perfume! Like I promised on Instagram (@shelovesthefinerthings) here are my thoughts...

Origin: Bvlgari only released this perfume in October 2015, so I feel really privileged to have received this! The name Goldea actually means "gold goddess" and the company says that it is a tribute to the golden goddess of beauty and sun.

Packaging: The bottle is very representative of a Gold Goddess draped in luxurious gold fabric. The packaging of perfumes actually counts as something for me because a nice bottle is a great decorative pieces for the vanity table/bedroom. What makes this bottle even nicer is the jewelled stopper, I just want to convert it to a ring or a necklace ornament, somehow, not sure how.

Fragrance: Goldea has a primarily floral/citrusy scent but gives off a heavier musk scent when it dries down. I think Bvlgari hit the right balance of floral with Goldea, some manufacturers tend to go overboard with floral scents.

Longevity: Perfumes with musk in its composition usually last longer because it prevents the fragrance from evaporating quickly. Goldea is no different, it lasts quite a while on my skin, generally about 6 hours.

Where to Buy

Goldea officially launched in Nigeria last week Saturday and from what I know it hasn't even launched in the US yet! That's really awesome,  I love how these companies are starting to seriously reckon with Nigeria. You can purchase this perfume at all Essenza and Montaigne Place stores nationwide. 

I have been wearing this perfume all week and I am really liking it. I have even gotten a few compliments on the scent which is always a good sign. Bvlgari gets a big fat green tick from me on Goldea!

Can you guys kindly recommend some other nice perfumes I can try?

Peace and Love,



  1. Great! Been looking for a good review on this product. Thanks

  2. So glad to have found a Nigerian review! Walked into Essenza just now and got my bottle. I've always loved the Bvlgari brand and any musky fragrance so this is a marriage made in heaven for me. Tomorrow morning HURRY!!!

  3. Thanks for a wonderful review!
    I was searching for a musk based perfume with graceful floral scent, and someone recommended this. It's a shame that it is not being sold in my home country, that is South Korea, yet. However after reading your review, I decided to buy it through Amazon us and get it delivered here. Your review was a great help in my purchase!!


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