Monday, 21 December 2015

Twitter Speaks | Christmas Gift Ideas for Him and Her

It's the season of giving and we all know how hard it can be to buy a gift that your significant other will actually like. Nothing worse than having to fake a squeal of excitement and a "omg, thank youuuuuu" for a gift that doesn't quite cut it ..haha!

I'm here to help :) I spoke to a couple of people on Twitter asking them what they would like to get for Christmas and here's what they said.

For the Ladies

Looks like @SabirahO is looking to upgrade her photography skills because she wants a new camera, Sony A5000 to be precise.

For fashion lover @Ms_Hilz, the LV Capucine bag will make her very happy this season.

@IjebuPrincess wants the Miu Miu Butterfly Singlasses, she specified  color blue.

Another fashion freak on our hands people, @poshbug wants the Chanel Classic Mini with gold hardware.

@burrafly also wants a photography related gift- a tripod stand with a remote control.

I think @MissQueue is inspired by Linda Ikeji's Banana Island mansion because she wants a HOUSE for Christmas...Direct your questions to her guys..LOL.

@AkwaekeD might be a tech buff because she wants an IPad Air 32GB with a pretty cover though.

For @opeoluwaaa, she wants an experience for Christmas. A trip to Calabar to enjoy the annual Christmas festivities, the vibrant culture and history will make a perfect Christmas gift for her.

@PurpleTweetyB was very straightforward, she wants a new car.

For the Guys

Typical for guys to be gadget freaks and @MallamSawyer didn't disappoint. He wants the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

@Immortal_Teddy wants a DSLR Camera and promises whoever buy it for him his undying love and a free photo-shoot.

Jet setter @TonioRossii is craving a vacation. He wants a ticket anywhere! Ghana even..LOL.

@Bule_Jr kept it simple, he loves customized cuff links and would love to get them this Christmas.

There are gadget freaks and there are gadget freaks, @aldmoni wants the DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone.

No Lagos Big Boy is complete without his Agbada so @manmustwack is about that life this Christmas.

@lumydee is tired of his iPhone so a new one will be just perfect! 

I really hope you guys have gotten some inspiration from this post. Now go forth and buy great gifts! :-)

Peace & Love, 


P.S Shout Out to the two winners of The Ultimate Beauty Gift Box- @lase__ and @damilepetit on Instagram


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  1. Wish there were more ideas like the trip to Calabar. Besides the obvious leaning towards items that perish under a year, this shows our problem as a people where we export crude items like cocoa and palm kernel but want to buy cars, gadgets and fancy handbags in return.

    I weep in Igbo.


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