Friday, 26 February 2016

#HKDiaries Week 1

Big Announcement! *in DJ Khaled's voice* I packed my bags and moved to Hong Kong for the next four to six months! Crazy right? I know! Considering the fact that 1) I'm married 2) Asia, really? But a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. My work required that I make this move and seeing as my daddy is not Dangote/Otedola/Adenuga, I had to comply.

Shout-out to my super amazing husband for supporting this move though because if he didn't I probably wouldn't be typing this post from my office desk in Central Hong Kong. Hashtag Blessed!


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Review | 5 Hot Beauty Products by Guerlain

Guerlain is a luxury French brand known primarily for its perfumes but in more recent times has started getting really popular for skincare and makeup. I've been meaning to try something from the brand for a while now but the term luxury is not used loosely, any one of these babies will set you back a pretty penny. But are they worth the hype? 


Friday, 12 February 2016

Guest Post | 5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men

Because I will probably do a shoddy job of suggesting gift ideas for men this Valentine's, I decided to enlist the help of a male blogger this year. Nosa of EatDrinkLagos is here to help!


Men really don’t get no ratings on Valentine’s Day. The other day on Twitter, some girl was listing Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men and she included “big towel” and “shoe rack”. You might chalk it off as Twitter banter, but there’s a big time hamper vendor that’s selling a clipper and a card for N22,000. In their weekly meeting, Nigerian women decided we are only worth BYC singlet. Add a towel to that, if the relationship is serious.

Well, we deserve more than that. And no, that lingerie you got yourself is not a present for us. Doesn’t work like that ma’am.


Cologne is always a winner on Valentine’s Day. In fact, cologne is such an easy and safe pick that I’m surprised women don’t opt for this more often. What cologne you get him obviously depends on the man you’re dating. I mean, shoe get size. This is no excuse to be cheap and get him anything just because I said cologne is a good present. Get him something that’s notch above what he normally uses. It’ll make it a lot more special.

Recommendation: My recommendation here would be the Pasha de Cartier perfume


Watches are another surefire gift. A little tip here though, don’t waste your money on watches made by companies whose primary business isn’t watchmaking. You wouldn’t buy a purse from Fossil, so don’t buy him a watch from Gucci. Get him a proper timepiece from a proper watchmaker.  On a related note, a buddy of mine got an engagement watch from his wife after he proposed. That should definitely be a thing.

Recommendation: The Apple Watch or a Timex Weekender are great wristwatch choices


Men love gadgets like nothing else. Not more than you obviously, but really close. For this list, I’m expanding the definition of “gadgets” to include video games as well. So feel free to pay for his Football Manager so he can stop looking for a torrent like a wretch. 

Recommendation: I’ve been really looking at the new Apple TV and the Amazon Echo. Hopefully, madam reads this blog. 


This is a bit of a tricky one because some men absolutely love jewelry while some men detest it. Well, they don’t detest it to the point of not wearing a wedding ring so don’t buy the excuse when your husband gives it. 

Recommendation: If you’re getting your man some jewelry, check out Miansai. They make really good stuff and they have this rope anchor bracelet that I’ve been scheming on for the longest.


This one is not for me because I’m known to drink boxed wine, but your man is probably fancier than I am. 

Recommendation: You can get him one of the 15-year old barrel aged whiskies like this one from Glenfiddich. It's sure to look great in any home bar.

Shout-Out to Nosa for being such a great sport! He literally got back to me with this post in hours! Sure you guys will find this post useful! :)

About Nosa

Nosa is one half of Eat.Drink.Lagos. He loves Mexican food and brunches with bottomless mimosas. And Guinness. And pasta. He supports whatever team Kevin Durant is on and he wants Louis Van Gaal fired.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Special Lady

This one is for the fellas...The fellas...

I know that a lot of guys struggle when it comes to buying gifts for the leading women in their lives so I'm here to help! I have picked 5 lovely gift options and linked the respective Instagram account.I  know that there aren't that many guys who read this blog so spread the knowledge ladies! Share this post far and wide within your male networks...haha

NOTE: This list is curated based on my preferences so it might not work for everyone, use with caution :)


Monday, 1 February 2016

Restaurant Review | Casper & Gambinis

Happy New Month! Pardon my cliche Nigerian ways but I really do wish you happiness this month! :)

Yesterday I finally had the chance to go check out the new "IT" restaurant in Lagos, Casper & Gambinis and decided to share my experience here, 1) because I haven't done a restaurant review in a while and 2) Valentine's day is around the corner so I'm hoping the information will be super useful to you guys right now.

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