Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Video | 3D Eyebrows That Last Two Weeks!

I'm sure you guys will agree with me when I say the daily eyebrow struggle is REAL! I can confidently attribute my constant tardiness to the quest for nice brows! No jokes...

So imagine my excitement when I heard about 3D Brow sculpting which can give you bomb brows that last two weeks. I was sold before it was even sold to me. Anything that can give me back 10-15 minutes in the mornings is welcome. 

I decided to film the process for you guys so you can see exactly how this innovative process works and decide if you want to get them. Brilliant stuff I tell you!  

Aftercare/ Maintenance

These 3D Brows last for two weeks but can be even more depending on how you care for them . Firstly, you can't wash your face for 48hours after you get them done to make sure they are dried properly. Gross, I know...but you gotta do what you gotta do! Between my cotton pads and cleanser, I managed to pull through. 

After the 48 hours, you can wash your but have to be very careful to wash the brow area very gently. Also, no poking or prodding...just leave them be...like you would pencilled in brows. With proper care, you could probably stretch these to last a month. 

Where To Get Them Done

The Beauty Atelier
New Address: 7 Nidi Okunubi Street, Lekki Phase 1
Contact Number: 0809 947 5555
Instagram: @the_beauty_atelier



In amazing news, the lovely people at The Beauty Atelier are giving you guys 10% off all 3D brow treatments once you mention shelovesthefinerthingsYou know I got y'all...we can all have fleeky brows!

You're welcome! :)

Peace and Love, 


Thursday, 25 August 2016

Dose of Colors Hidden Treasure Palette...The Best Eyeshadow Palette I Ever Owned....

This Hidden Treasure palette is the BOMB...seriously! I'm not much of an eyeshadow person so I don't have that many palettes but of the few I have and use (all NAKEDs inclusive), this is the best.

I first saw this baby in action on MakeupShayla's Snapchat and I knew I had to get it asap! Only problem is that the Hidden Treasure palette is limited edition so it is probably easier for a cow to pass through the eye of a needle than to track this palette down. .. I was super lucky to snatch up the last one from BeautyRevNG.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Review | Taos Cosmetics Liquid Velvetines

Taos Cosmetics is a Nigerian brand that's been on the scene since 2014 but I think 2016 saw them rebranding and releasing a new range of products including liquid lipsticks, highlighters and a neutral eyeshadow palette.

I am very grateful to have received five of their liquid velvetines shades and I have been trying them over the last two weeks to be able to share my thoughts on the brand with you guys.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Review | Benefit Porefessional Super Matte Rescue Mattifying Gel

This more or less became a travel blog in the last few months thanks to my temporary relocation to Hong Kong. Just in case you missed it, I chronicled my whole journey here. I am still working on summing up my Hong Kong experience though so watch out for that :)

Back to regular programming...I was strolling past the Benefit counter in HK one day and I spotted the Porefessional Super Matte Rescue and stopped to look at it. Think of this product as the new and improved version of the original Professional which I reviewed here.

You see the Porefessional is excellent when it comes to masking pores the size of craters like mine, but it doesn't do much for oil control which is the main characteristic people look for in primers. Well, I think Benefit listened to the feedback of customers and decided to improve on the Porefessional...Enter, Super Matte Rescue....

Unlike the original Porefessional which is a cream, Super Matte rescue is a light weight water-based gel that instantly absorbs excess oil on the skin and helps minimize shine through out the day.  It contains Benefit's signature "diamond powder" which blurs out pores, fine lines and other imperfections....They call it the #NoFilter Filter...

It magically blurs out my pores!!  #NoFilter indeed

The left picture is early in the morning and the right is about 8 hours after...just a little shine

In a nutshell, Super Matte Rescue is the Porefessional with oil absorbing powers. This product has become a staple in my makeup bag because what's not to love about a product that makes you look flawless and controls oil?

I must put a disclaimer out though, I do not necessarily have the oiliest of skins, so this worked perfectly for me. I am not sure how it will hold up on really oily skin. If you know, please share in the comments!

For even more flawless results and staying power, Benefit suggests using the regular Porefessional over Matte rescue before wearing your makeup...Sounds like a lot of product to me but I will try it next time and maybe I will update this post to let you guys know how it worked.

Price and Where to Buy

Porefessional Super Matte Rescue retails for $28, even cheaper than the original Porefessional which is $31. I don't know any beauty retailer that stocks this in Nigeria but once I find one I will update that too! 

Have you guys tried Super Matte Rescue or the original Porefessional? Please share your thoughts...

Peace & Love, 


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