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I'm always delighted to feature guest contributors on this blog as long as the article is of great quality and along my lines of interest- beauty,fashion, food and travel.

Your guest post will include a short bio (written by yourself), your blog URL, any social media accounts you would like to share and a thumbnail photo of you(optional)

Here are a few points to note about guest posting on this blog:

  • Guest posts are not a medium for advertisements. If you would like to advertise please click on the contact/advertising tab for more information
  • I do not accept articles that have been published else where. All articles must be exclusive to She Loves The Finer Things
  • Photographs make posts more interactive and fun. Please include a number of good quality pictures in your article. If necessary, I may enhance photos sent. If you are using pictures not taken by yourself, please include a full credit to the source.

For submissions and other enquires about guest posting, please email me,

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  1. This is a wonderful way to wrap up the year @glosmarst...


It's encouraging to read feedback in the form of comments or questions, so I'm happy to read them and respond. Please check back for my responses to any questions.xx

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